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Expanded polypropylene: Suitable for components subject to impact stress.

Due to its mechanical properties, Neopolen®P (EPP) is particularly suitable for components subject to impact stress. The low weight, high energy absorption and good deformation performance of Neopolen®P (EPP), even after repeated impact loading, represent outstanding qualities for components in automotive assembly.

Neopolen®P (EPP) also has negligible water absorption, can function reliably over a wide range of temperatures, and is thus predestined for internal and external applications in automotive assembly. Additionally, low manufacturing costs and – compared to other foam materials – minimal tooling costs offer distinct advantages as well.

Examples of safety-relevant applications include: foam inserts allowing for protection against lateral impact, energy absorbing bumper cores as well as knee pads and steering column casings. The resilient response of side impact protection pads made of Neopolen®P (EPP) is markedly delayed and thus meets essential industry safety requirements. Moreover, shock absorber systems, door, head rest, panels and other components assembled using parts made of Neopolen®P (EPP) comply with the existing legal regulations.

In a high density grade, the material can also be used as a structural element. Its high strength and good compatibility with other materials allows it to produce components distinguished by outstanding mechanical properties.

Easy to produce in different geometric shapes, the material is particularly suitable for fabricating filler elements and tool caddies, with the low weight per unit volume providing a remarkable weight reduction. Composite systems of Neopolen®P (EPP), solid polypropylene and polypropylene film are easy to create due to their identical material properties. This also means the product can be completely recovered without material separation operations.

More and more, new automotive designs value materials that offer weight saving and recyclability. No other foam material meets these requirements to the same extent as Neopolen®P (EPP). Since component weights can be efficiently reduced, significant cost and energy savings are feasible. As such, Neopolen®P (EPP) contributes greatly to the preservation of the environment and the conservation of resources, while also meeting the escalating safety standards in the industry.