Hot Wire and Die Cut Blocks

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EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE: A variety of high dimension blocks and sheets.

Neopolen®P (EPP) is used in the fabrication of a variety of high dimension EPP blocks and sheets. Blocks can be molded up to 48’’ x 96’’ x 24’’ and used to die-cut or wire-cut parts. These blocks or sheets of resilient EPP are used most regularly by prototypers, laminators, fabricators and hot wire system companies.

EPP can be hot-wired, cut into shapes, skived, machined or die-cut into packaging end caps. It can also be used to make sheets, planks or prototypes for different applications: namely in the automobile and recreational sector, packaging and protective gear, etc. High dimension EPP blocks are a good solution for small volume productions, to test parts before investing in tooling or prototypes.