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EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE: The wide range of properties will increasingly lead to its use in new applications.

Besides its well established uses, the wide range of properties of Neopolen®P (EPP) will increasingly lead to its use in new applications. The good thermal insulation performance makes it highly flexible and suitable for use in building technology. The numerous design options open up further applications in the fields of artificial turf, building and leisure, furniture and an unlimited number of other uses.

Growing interest expressed by potential end users wishing to utilize the engineering material Neopolen®P (EPP) for more complex components has led to the development of new manufacturing techniques. These techniques include:

  • Backfoaming
  • In-mold skinning
  • Embossing/stamping

With backfoaming, inserts can be placed in the mold to secure and reinforce the foam material systems - a technology steadily gaining significance. Novel tooling engineering techniques allow the production of surfaces suitable for use as visible parts in cars or in other applications. For example, thermal embossing or in-mold skinning can create high quality surfaces on molded parts.

The increased pedestrian protection requirements already defined in the major automobile markets can be best met using components made of Neopolen®P (EPP). Suitable developments are also already in progress and are currently approaching completion. Besides its conventional applications, there has been increasing interest in the use of Neopolen®P (EPP) within the furniture industry as well as for high stress components in the maritime industry and bridge construction. Expanded polypropylene is also used as a filling material, for cushions or beanbag chairs for example.