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Expanded polypropylene: Suitable for reusable packaging and reusable transport containers.

Compared to other foam materials, Neopolen®P (EPP) is especially suitable for reusable packaging and reusable transport containers. Its high resilience after static, dynamic stressing, good chemical resistance, as well as its excellent cushioning performance at extremely low weight make Neopolen®P (EPP) ideal for these applications. Applications include in-plant transportation containers for automobile mirrors, brake calipers or steering gears.

Depending on the level of stress, the containers can typically sustain 100 or more transport cycles. As a result, EPP helps economize on packaging materials, thereby resulting in lower costs for our customers. Due to its high thermal stability, moldings made of Neopolen®P (EPP) can be sterilized, representing a particular advantage for medical applications and food containers.

Electrically conductive Neopolen®P (EPP) materials are available for packaging sensitive electronic goods. Tailored to meet current market requirements and standards, moldings can be produced with different levels of conductivity. The manufacturing process ensures that conductivity is achieved and maintained throughout the entire lifetime of a molding, a particular benefit for reusable packaging or in-plant transportation containers.

With disposable packaging, there is no need to use protective film for sensitive electronic goods. These properties are preserved even under changing climate conditions (i.e. humidity and heat).