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EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE: A revolution in sports and leisure equipment.

Neopolen®P has revolutionized the fields of sports and leisure. With its light weight and molding density adjustable to meet specific requirements, Neopolene®P (EPP) is found in a wide variety of protective gear products. For example, many companies use it in hockey and bicycle headgear. The high EPP density ensures helmet protection meet industry standars while also remaining lightweight. Due to its negligible water absorption, Neopolene®P (EPP) is found more and more in water sports head gear as well.

Low density EPP is also found in other protective gear for many sports such as:

  • Hockey
  • Bicycle
  • Alpine ski and snowboard
  • Lacrosse
  • And more

Athletes requirements for high quality, lightweight gear continuously increases. As such, Neopolene®P (EPP) easily meets these standards with its low density product which allows for excellent cushioning, protection and comfort.